Language believes that literacy acquisition is dependent on the integrated teaching of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. To provide the students the opportunity for self expression, which also make them acquainted with the lives and deeds of great men and enable students to arrange ideas in a systematic way.


It is designed to learn mathematics by performing activities and hands on experience; it is experimental learning through task based approach. It transforms students into knowledgeable and functional members of society. It also helps them to develop positivity ability to Think, Analyse and articulate logically.

Environmental Science

Science teaching directly inculcates the scientific among the students. It should develop certain abilities such as analyse, generalise, discuss, argue and manipulate instruments. The impact of science upon way of life, developing interest in scientific hobbies, developing proper understanding of the main facts, concepts of our environment.

Social Science

To provide the knowledge of natural and social environment, It develop their desirable attitudes with the critical thinking, reasoning power in students. It makes the students to understand the location, size, climate, vegetation, etc. We are able to gather the information about the philosophy behind the Religious leaders.

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