Our Approach

Best practices that strengthens our Nursery. We have a specifically designed system for age 2½ – 6. Our specialist that work with our students work very practically and meaningfully to implement.The common core standards for reading and writing.

Innovative ideas and strategies to strengthen the entire Nursery literacy calendar.


How to strengthen and improve their developments from the moment they enter Kindergarten,the six steps that we follow here,makes it easier for the students of the 1st level to hold their writing material and to pen down the skills that have been learnt in 5 odd months.There is no tension,no fussing, no struggle,or no force that the 3 year olds face absolute confidence is seen and is done with great zeal.

Oral Language

We believe strongly that good listening and speaking skills support the development of a child’s thinking, reading, writing and reasoning skills.

The Native English pronunciation is practical each and every day,a lot of audios are played for our children to develop their listening and speaking skills.

We also have a lot of picture talks,where the students can see and speak on them.They practice this with peers,teacher and parents as well.A few of them have also come to a say that their mother tongue is “English”! It is hilarious but proved to be true.


Identifying the shapes,the names and the sounds of the English Alphabets are the first few steps to reading. Then comes recognizing or co-relating these on Hoardings,signboards,Name boards, Newspapers book or anywhere at all.

This is the first thrill to the reading skill/ability.

Then comes connection different letter to form a simple 2 letter or three letter word and read them individually (spell) and then together to pronounce the word.

These are the most fascinating moments of the child’s life here in our nursery.

A good foundation is laid in pre-reading skills and then we have book with big fonts to make it more interesting for our students to read.

We take much care to see that children don’t find difficulty in reading.

We make it a point that (i) there are no difficulties in identifying letters,(ii) Connecting the wrong sounds with letters,(iii)Skipping words,not remembering words by sight,guess work, sounding them out wrongly etc.


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