• Knowledge and understanding are fundamentals to study mathematics and form the base which to explore concepts and develop problem solving skills.
      • It encourages the students to become critical thinkers.
      • It makes us to recognize how it permates the world around us.

Social Science:

      • The prime objective of teaching social science is to inculcate the ethical & civic lessons by promoting patriotism & nationalism
      • To educate the budding entrepreneurs all about entrepreneurial skills.
      • To enrich academic disciplines, leadership competency & interpersonal relationships.
      • To acquire the social thinking and the social values.


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      • It aims to produce more and more accurate natural explanations of how the natural world works..
      • The general truth of the operation of general laws as obtained and tested through scientific method and concerned with the physical world..
      • It develops the ability to effectively communicate scientific information and research the results..

Computer Science:

      • It keeps them update with current knowledge and/or skills to a computing environment or problem currently unknown to the student.
      • They will learn the standards of professional behaviour, including rules of ethics and etiquette..
      • It makes them to develop and demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a group on a common problem.
      • Students will demonstrate the ability to produce a technical document and have the ability to give an effective presentation using visual aids and/or software demonstrations.


      • It is synonymous with consciously nurturing the flair for expressions and impressions in a versatile style.
      • The prime objective of the department is to inculcate literary habits such as empowering linguistic skills, phonetics, and effective communication and to foster confident conversation.
      • It makes to create aesthetic structures for the genre in which they are writing.


Conversational language:

At Soundarya the conversational languages (Kannada & Hindi)

        • Enables them to understand the beauty of the fiction and Non-fiction.
        • It involves them in learning, speaking, writing and listening.
        • Improves their vocabulary.