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Along with curricular and co-curricular programme we do have incorporated extracurricular disciplines such as school band, bharatanatyam, cricket, instrumental music, yoga, etc.we have appointed coach specialists headed by the sports director(set) so that the following stars can prove their mettle and sharpen their skills.

Fine arts

Soundariyans places great emphasis on creativity and passion for arts. There are large spaces where children indulge in drawing, painting or pottery. Children art work is often displayed around the school and during exhibitions.

Performing Arts

Dance, Dramatics and Music classes are a hit among students and for good reason. Our professional dance instructors help children explore both Indian and contemporary disciplines. The experienced drama teachers engage children in a variety of acting skills. We has two sound-proof music rooms where students are taught singing. Instruments, including the guitar, drums and keyboard are taught as extracurricular activities. We have a student band as well as Elementary, Middle and High School Choirs..


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Over the past decades we have developed a model of how to teach yoga to children in Primary, Nursery and Special Schools as part of the curriculum. Every week they have training for an hour to practice yoga with proper dress, which can refresh them mentally as well as physically.


Teaching Kids Karate has been a inspiring and rewarding experience and an equally frustrating one too. But in spite of the very few kids who continue to study Karate-do(way of life) into adult hood and make it to the 3rd. Degree Black Belt Level and beyond, for the Instructor it makes it all worthwhile. Our school is proud to say that today we are teaching for many childrens which useful as a self defence.