“Including Values Inspiring Calibre”
Club activities

The clubs are Cordelia(the literary club), Monalisa(Art club),Aryabatta (Maths club), Venus (science club),Fiesta (sports club).All the clubs &committees work in accordance with the annual calendar of co- curricular activities.Every week 1 hour is devoted exclusively for organizing various club activites.

Club Reveria

The prime objective to create a healthy classroom climate, to imbibe in children civic values, national insignia, to teach world geographical features, current world economic scenario and business ethics etc. The activities enable the students to rediscover the marvels of Social science as an interesting subject breaking the traditional monotony of listening and learning.

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Club Venus

It is in instilling research and scientific temperament in the young experiment lovers by providing them a platform not only in the labs but also in classrooms. Every week activities were conducted with regard to world environment slogans and posters a skit conveying a green message. Making a “Herbarium“, Info file on deficiency diseases and symptoms.

Club Aryabhatta

It mainly aims to inculcate logical thinking and to gain practical knowledge of mathematical calculations. Club members try to do the verification and cardinality of numbers using venn diagrams and the tabulations also with the construction of plane figures and the co-ordinating the geometry calculations.

Club cordelia & Versatalia

Language is a tool which none of us can evade. It is wonderful way of expressing our inner thoughts and communicating with people around us. It believes that each member must acquire this simple yet a very important technique to better our language skills. The implementation of these activities was to monitor and develop the skills of the children the main motto was to draw the children out of the shells and ready themselves to face the world with more confidence and courage.

Club fiesta

Physical activities in school are a remedy as it produces endorphins (chemical in the brain).This regulates moods, pleasure and pain. It develops and “I can do it” attitude. Physical Association activity during the school day includes the time spent in physical education classes. Classroom based moments, recess, walking and other physical activity.