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Upper Primary Schools in Hesaraghatta Main Road, Bangalore

The Indian school system has four levels: lower primary (age 1st to 4th standard), upper primary (5th and 6th standard), high (7th to 10th standard) and higher secondary (11th and 12th standard). The lower primary school has five classes, the upper primary school has two, the high school has three and the higher secondary has two as mentioned before. Students have to learn a common curriculum largely (except for regional changes in mother tongue) till the end of high school and in Bangalore, Kannada is the mother tongue. It is treated as the second language in all English medium schools throughout Karnataka. And in Kannada medium schools Kannada language is the first language in the curriculum.

Through upper primary school education, we learn and develop the personality, mental skills, moral and physical powers. Denying quality education makes a child lack of all educational benefits in his/her life. Education is the most important source for success in personal and professional life. Education provides us with vast knowledge and different types of skills. That’s why choosing the best school that can provide quality upper primary education is very important for the overall benefit of the children.

The upper primary section of Soundaraya Central School sets the foundation for senior classes. The confidence of students in language, mathematical ability, and science is strengthened. The awareness of the world around them is enhanced. Their creativity, curiosity and sporting talent is encouraged through deliberated sessions. Active and collaborative learning brings students together with the CBSE curriculum.

In order to make the children walk on the best path toward success, we as parents have to choose the path that can lead to success. Choosing the right school which can turn the little ones into geniuses totally depends on us. Therefore, choose the best school and set the path straight for the upcoming generation in all aspects of the career.

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Upper Primary Schools in Hesaraghatta Main Road

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