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U.K.G Schools in Hesaraghatta Main Road, Bangalore

The upper Kindergarten is the stage when the child leaves the nursery section of the school and enters the primary one. Till nursery, the child is not supposed to know things compulsorily.  Same is not the case with primary classes. We at Soundaraya Central School make certain that this passage and promotion to a higher level is smooth for each and every child.

Our Key goals:

Before a child joins the first class we want the following qualities in her/him:

  • The child should feel safe both in the classroom and outside. We take adequate safety and security measures in our premises and while the commute. Our transport buses/vans are well staffed and are GPS enabled. They aren’t crowded too.
  • The child should be happy and eager to learn. This is very important. In today’s competitive world learning is a lifelong process. So it is highly essential that the kid enjoys the school hours and is curious to explore. Our teachers make every topic lively by an array of activities. This lays a strong foundation and supports them as they go to higher classes.
  • We want children to speak freely and are not hesitant to be vocal with their views. Our teachers are very friendly and this also helps in overcoming stage fears.
  • We want children to appreciate art forms and learn them with great vigor. It could become a hobby, a passion or a profession. But we are sure that it definitely will be a stress buster in the future.
  • We want them to take responsibility and practice discipline. We organize a lot of routine activities like cultural, project days etc., in which kids work in groups, share and organize things themselves.

All these might seem too pushy for 5-6-year-olds. But dear parents, you need not to worry. We assure that everything done by us is age appropriate. We don’t let comparisons creep in the process. We know that for children the biggest fear is that of rejection. We know that a child cannot be good at everything. We identify the natural talents of the students and channel them to pursue what they prefer.

Activities for U.K.G:

Here children learn to read small words, the concept of spelling is introduced. In Mathematics numbers are taught till hundred, qualitative comparisons and basic arithmetic operations are taught. We give enough and interesting practice worksheets. Children have regular drawing and coloring classes. Physical training and games are part of the everyday routine. We take them to educational field trips every semester. We have interactive sessions with parents and regularly give feedback. We want the children to be happy, disciplined and curious.

We are child-friendly and welcome suggestions for further improvements from the parents.

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