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The remarkable period of motherhood proved even more so for me as a mother of twin boys. I learnt early in my second trimester that I was carrying not one but two babies. My boundless joy manifested as tears that day. My two boys are identical twins born two minutes apart. Identical to the extent that even my husband and other family members have had trouble telling them apart. My Aai and I never did though, we always knew (and still do). Telling them apart was a less trivial problem when they started schooling. Friends, teachers and staff went through an ordeal of calling out the wrong name, n ordeal that my children soon accepted as routine; a routine that has continued well into their college life.

In the early weeks after their birth, we had several friends and family visiting them, most claimed it was going to be lovely raising them. The bittersweet experience of raising twins however is known predominantly to those who live it; my husband and me in this case. The mornings, filled with my kids’ light snores and drowsy play were easily manageable; the sleep we missed during their night time bawling is something my husband and I could never catch up. Watching them grow up, I ensured that any competition between them was healthy. This prevented bickering but also enhanced their performances in their studies and extra-curriculars. I also inculcated the habit of reading in them which has stuck with them to this day.

Their schooling never presented a problem to me. With a well-set schedule, some discipline and generous playtime, their grades seldom slipped. I put them in music and abacus classes to develop their extra-curriculars. This has developed in them as a deep-seated love for music and math, both of which they pursue. Years rolled by and they have grown and matured into more independent young adults and in many ways I have grown with them too. They are presently doing their undergraduate degrees in vastly different engineering fields.

By Mrs. Janhavi R. M.
Montessori Teacher