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Pre Primary Schools in Hesaraghatta Main Road, Bangalore

It is said that learning begins in the womb. We firmly believe in it. We represent the SoundarayaCentral School, Bangalore. We have more than twenty years of experience in the education field. We provide the best learning atmosphere in Bangalore. For us, each child is unique and it is our duty to bring out and refine their distinctness.

Pre Primary Education:

The nursery children as young as two and a half years join our school. We make them feel safe and happy. Our school offers spacious, holistic indoor and outdoor activities. Small children are like tender saplings. They need to be nurtured with care. We ensure that they grow up as mature, responsible adults supporting mankind and the environment. We don’t start teaching the young ones; we talk, sing and read to them. We understand that they are toddlers who step outside home and land up in the school. So it’s our prime responsibility to shoo away their fear and hesitation.


We offer both kindergarten and Montessori streams of pedagogy.

Montessori System:

With the Montessori Method, kids experience life practically. They are made to handle vessels of different shapes, taught to fill water bottles, make juices etc. In this way, their fine motor skills and concentration enhances. They might even help the office going parents of the Silicon Valley of India. Children are given puzzles and blocks to play, that in turn improves sensory activeness like vision, hearing, attention span etc. These are the gateways to intelligence and it’s necessary to keep them continually open. Children are told a lot of stories with colorful pictures and puppets. Rhymes aren’t repeated and recited but enacted. All this shows the seeds of creativity in the young brain. Varieties of activities for number recognition and counting are given so that math’s is always easy-peasy and interesting for them.

The Kindergarten:

The kindergarten has junior and senior KG students. Here along with activities for motor skills and concentration, kids are given a strong foundation in language, arithmetic, and environmental studies. For English, we teach phonetics and give sufficient reading and speaking exercises. For arithmetic, we teach basic addition and subtraction practically. Science learning is complete fun in our school. Children are practically shown the traffic rules, we make them follow it too. Each child gets an opportunity to grow a plant. They dig the soil, sow seeds, water them and their happiness as a flower bloom is heart filling for us. Children are taught about healthy and junk foods. They are made to realize the importance of food. Kids in our school eat their lunch consciously and happily.

Each Child Is A Gem:

We emphasize that talents differ. Some child might be good at sports/physical activities; some might be good at drawing or singing or dancing. Some might eat well and some a pesky eater. Our teachers are well trained to keenly observe these inherent traits and give feedback to parents. This helps a lot in recognizing what the child enjoys and hobby forming too. There are strong evidence that hobbies could actually be considered as career options in later life. So we do our best to catch them young. We never compare one child to others, as this makes them lose their innocence and gives rise to egos.

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