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A school traditionally begins its day with the assembly. Since time immemorial it has been an integral part, be it the gurukuls or the modern school system.

Assemblies help in creating a social environment for young minds. The importance of a morning assembly is to enrich the spiritual awakening through prayer and also create a feasible and positive environment in the school.

Behold! Our tiny bundles of joys are not deprived of this worthwhile exercise. We too have our assemblies on Tuesdays of every week. Our pre-primary children assemble in a disciplined way for the same. The assembly consists of the Morning Prayer and Slokas followed by the drill where they do the exercises to rejuvenate their minds. The assembly includes a talk on a relevant subject followed for the week or month, to name a few topics nutrition, where children were informed of the different nutritious food, how to celebrate green Diwali etc… We also had the safety month where children were advised about safety rules they had to follow.

Children too speak on special occasions in the assembly. The birthday child enjoys special attention as the whole pre-primary along with the teachers sing the birthday song.

Our morning assembly concludes with the singing of the national anthem. It is a feast for our eyes and heart to see the young once sing the national anthem with utmost pride.

Off to classes we go with the satisfaction of knowing that we are laying a strong foundation for our future generation spiritually and physically.

By Mrs. Sandhya Hari
Kindergarten Teacher